How To Use E6000 Glue On Fabric? – The Ultimate Guide

We all know that E6000 is a kind of glue that is fully waterproof, flexible, and very elastic, making it very useful in DIY works. However, if you want to fix your clothes with this but find it hard to use, don’t worry; we are here to help by instructing you how to use E6000 glue on fabric the most effectively. Let’s get started!

how to use e6000 glue on fabric

How To Use E6000 Glue On Fabric?

Step 1: Set A Careful Preparation For The Surface.

Clean the surface and allow it to dry. You should prepare sandpaper to roughen up plastic or glass surfaces for better attachment. Keep in mind to use E6000 in the airy place, as the fumes are unpleasant to breathe.

Step 2: Remove The Cap And Pierce The Foil

Inside the tube, there is a foil seal. When you lift the cap, you must use the pointed part on the cap’s back to puncture the seal.

Keep the cap open because this material is nasty, and you’ll want to replace it fast to avoid spills.

Step 3: Apply Glue To The Prepared Surface

Another option for you is applying E6000 glue directly; however, this method is not suitable for complicated tasks such as jewelry.

So, if you need a more precise method to apply this glue, one idea for you is to place a small amount of glue on a scrap piece of paper or something like that to increase the precision.

Step 4: Take 24 Hours For Curing The Glue

For this kind of glue, it usually takes up to 24 hours to cure, so that you should leave it at least this amount of time to make sure that the glue completely cures. Thus, the exact time depends on the amount of glue you use, the humidity, the temperature, and the surfaces.

Step 5: Clean The Nozzle And Cap

No one likes the messy cap or nozzle because it causes difficulty for later use. Therefore, don’t forget to clean the nozzle and cap immediately after using, so you don’t have to face this problem next time.

Tip For You When Using E6000 Glue

Tip For You When Using E6000 Glue

Before reapplying the cap, you can add a little amount of petroleum jelly (vaseline) to the metal threads on the cap nozzle. This will keep the adhesive from adhering to the threads while storing it.


Until these last lines, we hope that you could reach thorough information on the topic – how to use E6000 glue on fabric?  Besides cloth, we also recommend you use E6000 glue for glass, wood, metal, and rubber to have the best effect.  And if you find this post helpful, don’t hesitate to forward it to others who have the same query