How To Remove E6000 Glue From Fabric? – Easy Tips

E6000 is a multi-purpose adhesive, well-known for its strength and flexibility. However, when you use this for a creative project, the liquid may accidentally stick to other things such as skin, table, or even your skin. This problem is common but so annoying that no one wants to face it!  However, if that happens, don’t worry; we’re here to assist you with several easy but efficient solutions. Let’s get started and find the answer to your query – How to remove E6000 glue from fabric?

how to remove e6000 glue from fabric

How To Remove E6000 Glue From Fabric?

Here are the two most effective ways to deal with E6000 glue stains on your clothes.

Remove E6000 Glue By Scraping

Scraping is one of the easiest ways to get rid of dried glue. You can use a kitchen spoon to try this method.

Remove E6000 Glue By Scraping

To begin with, ensure the glue is completely dry before scraping. Then, press the metal spoon against the glue’s outside edge and progressively scrape away the glue by pulling the stain. Remember to exert sufficient force to break the binding. Yet, intense pressure can cause your clothing to scratch!

Remove E6000 Glue With Acetone

Another option for you is using a professional cleaner, which can remove most glues from cloth. 

Remove E6000 Glue With Acetone

Acetone is a solvent capable of dissolving even the stickiest of substances. It’s commonly found in nail polish remover, where it’s used to remove artificial nail glue and super glue. When removing glue stains with acetone, however, you must be careful.

Firstly, to know if the clothes can get discolored due to acetone, you can pour a small amount of nail remover. If not, next, with this item saturated in acetone, rub the glue spot until it disappears. Finally, rewash your fabric with washing powder and water.


Common cloth repairs using E6000 glue are typically simple, but spills or overflow can cause irritating stains. When getting rid of them from fabric, it is important to know how to remove E6000 glue from fabric. Hence, we hope that you can find the easiest way to remove annoying glue from your clothes with these recommendations above