How To Remove Rhinestone Glue From Fabric?

When getting rid of rhinestone glue, you may sometimes leave patches or worn-out marks on the garment. Choosing suitable removal methods is a must in order to avoid these ugly things. Now, let’s learn more about how to remove rhinestone glue from fabric.

how to remove rhinestone glue from fabric

How To Remove Rhinestone Glue From Fabric?

There are four ideas to get to know more as follows.

Using A Steam Iron

We want to get started with the idea of using a steam iron that you can find easily in your house. You should always turn the fabric inside out and place it under another cloth for protection.

After turning the device on, you spread the iron on the area with rhinestones. The process of glue softening will help to remove the rhinestone from the fabric easily. The rhinestone will be pretty hot from the iron’s heat generation. Using a pair of tweezers to pick the stones can protect your hand from getting injured as a result.

One note is that you need to do those steps quickly before the glue cools down, which means that the effect will disappear.

Using Acetone

Another method includes utilizing acetone to weaken the glue sticking on fabric and rhinestones.

There are two ways to apply the liquid: spraying the acetone onto the back of the fabric with a spray bottle, while the other relates to using a cotton swab. It takes minutes to wait before you can remove the rhinestones from the fabric.

Using Soap

This step involves soaking the clothes with glued rhinestones onto the mixture of soap and water. When the fabric absorbs the liquid entirely, it is time to rub the cloth around the area with glue. You have to ensure that the rhinestone sits in the center simultaneously.

After minutes, the rhinestones will come off the fabric. Since the glue still stays in place, we suggest scratching it with your fingernail.

Using Nail Polish Remover

The last suggestion of the list is the nail polish remover. But it is imperative that you choose the acetone-based one for effective removal.

Start with a cotton swab to apply the nail polish remover with rhinestones on the fabric. The next thing to do is to wait for the adhesion to lose its effect. This process often takes only around two minutes.

Glued rhinestones
Glued rhinestones

In case that the glue has not come off completely yet, apply more remover on the fabric and keep waiting.


It is all about how to remove rhinestone glue from fabric? You can use the steam iron right in your house. Or products such as soap, acetone, and nail polish remover are also not a bad choice. So, which method will you choose? We hope you can find the most beneficial way to deal with this issue after reading this post.