What Kind Of Glue To Use To Put Rhinestones On Fabric?

Rhinestone is a type of decorative item that creates an impressive visual for the decoration. You can attach these pieces to fabric in several ways. But the most common one is to use glue. So, what kind of glue to use to put rhinestones on fabric?

what kind of glue to use to put rhinestones on fabric

What Kind Of Glue To Use To Put Rhinestones On Fabric?

Tons of glues for sticking rhinestones to the fabric are available on the market. And the following is a list of ideal options.

Beacon Gem-Tac

It is worth coming first with the title of an all-rounder. As a permanent rhinestone glue, the Beacon Gem-Tac can work well with most materials, of which the fabric is not an exception.

E6000 Craft

This industrial-strength adhesive helps attach the rhinestones mainly to hard surfaces (glass and metal ones, for example). Although the E6000 Craft can be used with fabric, it will not be the most effective solution.

G-S Hypo Cement

Thanks to an applicator tip, the G-S Hypo Cement can meet the requirements of many detailed works. In the case of garments, we suggest picking the one with the fabric formula.

Is There Anything Else To Keep In Mind?

You already knew which types of glue to choose and had beautiful rhinestones. Now, it’s time to get started. Here below are some factors you need to keep in mind for a flawless finish.

Preparing Workspace

The first step is to open all windows of the room so that the unpleasant fume of the glue cannot drive you insane. Plus, you need to work on a flat surface. Therefore, we suggest preparing a large table or cardboard to work on.

Gathering All Tools In Need

Do not interrupt your work by looking for tools that you forget. Good preparation can help you achieve a perfect result. There are numerous necessary kits for the process of rhinestone crafting. Hence, using a tray to keep them all more organized and less fiddly should be a must.

decorative rhinestones to put on facbrics
Decorative rhinestones to put on facbrics

Before starting, put the tools onto the tray (the toothpick to remove the excess glue, for example). This step will help you save lots of time later.

Leaving Enough Time To Dry Glue

After applying, every adhesive needs enough time to completely dry. It often takes one day for the glue to dry on hard materials including metal, plastic, glass, etc. But in terms of fabrics, the time needed may vary between three and five days.


Now, you get your own answer to the question, “What kind of glue to use to put rhinestones on fabric.” Hopefully, our suggestions will be helpful for your consideration.

After giving them a try, do not forget to let us know about your experience!