How Do You Sew Two Pieces Of Fabric Without Sewing? Homemade Q&A

Have you ever tried to sew two pieces of fabric together but found it hard work because the sewing machine needle just kept going in and out through the fabric?

There is a way to not only make your hand sewing faster but also keep those pesky threads from knotting at your seams. It is called “Sewing without Sewing,” and it is the solution to the question of “How do you sew two pieces of fabric without sewing?”!

How Do You Sew Two Pieces Of Fabric Without Sewing?

Your needle and thread combo is not your only savior when you want to mend fabric pieces together! Here are five ways you can fuse pieces without having to worry about puncturing your thumb:

Use Fusible Tape

Fusible tape is the answer to all your fabric needs. It can be used in various ways, such as holding hems together or fixing small repairs on clothing fabrics that have lost their shape because they were not properly pressed before sewing them up!

When using fusible tape, you need to go through a bit of a process. First, place the adhesive between layers of fabric and press until it melts. Adhering them both together in one go without sliding while the glue goop sets.

how do you sew two pieces of fabric without sewing
Fusible tape will save your finger from your needle

You can also place some parchment paper on top not to damage your iron by placing directly onto any surface (such as plastic). You can also fuse ONE layer at a  time instead; simply lay plain side up first before sticking down where desired!

Use Fabric Glue

It’s so easy to fuse fabric with just a little bit of glue. These friendly, non-toxic glues come in squeeze bottles and provide you the perfect bond for any project! They turn transparent when they are dry, making them machine washable or dryer safe if your work needs more care than normal (due to heat exposure from an ironing board).

If you’re repairing small tears on clothes that can’t tolerate higher temperatures (like leathers), the fabric may need some extra attention before they start coming apart again. Fabric glue might not really do what we want since it is designed primarily as a temporary hold.

Fabric glue is great do be careful of the heat though
Fabric glue is great; do be careful of the heat, though

Fusible Web

Fusible web is an alternative for fusing. It’s not as easy to use, but it can be cut down the middle and then sewn together with no need for things like pre-cut patches or bandages. It is a great solution to make your own fabric pieces that will fit any sewing machine!

Fusible Adhesive

The fusible adhesive is a two-sided bond that adheres fabric together. It can be sewn or not; it just means you’ll need some machinery for this project! The non-sewing side has a paper on one side with instructions so pay close attention when ironing.

The safety rule of thumb goes that the matte part goes against your jewelry item’s surface, then use the hottest setting and glide across rather than pressing down too hard as this may cause melting from excess heat.

For its versatility, the fusible adhesive is best for appliques, letters, and other types of fabric arts.

Hot Glue

You can use hot glues to finish DIY projects, except if you want to attach two fabrics. An ordinary glue will do the job for your craft or put together things that were not meant for each other pretty nicely. They also dry up faster than anything else, so it’s best just in case yours runs out – which could happen!

Be careful with hot glue gun’s heat
Be careful with hot glue gun’s heat

Here are the steps to use hot glue in your process:

  • Lay the glue on the area that needs stitching and put the pieces together.
  • The mended spot should rest for a few hours before use.

Few Tips Before You Use Non-sew Fusible Alternatives

Pay attention to these tips before using any of the methods mentioned above:

  • Keep your pieces clean. Wash them before heading into the process if you must.
  • Keep the fabrics dry before putting any type of adhesive on them.
  • Set your iron to high heat without involving steam.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading our answer to “How do you sew two pieces of fabric without sewing?”! We hope it’s been helpful and that you found a product or two that can replace your usual needle and thread. If there is anything we missed in this blog post, please let us know below in the comments section. Have a great week!