How Do You Permanently Glue Fabric To Fabric – Find Out An Easier Way

Let’s dive right into this post on “how do you permanently glue fabric to fabric”. This blog post is all about finding an easier way to glue fabric to fabric permanently. We will show you what we’ve found and the advantages of each method so you can decide for yourself which one will work best for your project.

What To Use To Permanently Glue Fabric To Fabric?

Permanent adhesive is an excellent choice for applications requiring permanence, such as garment repairs and costumes. This sort of fabric adhesive will not disintegrate or come off easily, even after being used during an activity such as sewing, or washing, making it ideal for use on clothes made of tough fabrics such as jeans!

how do you permanently glue fabric to fabric
You can use permanent glue for sticking fabric

Because they are insoluble after drying, permanent adhesives provide stronger connections that will endure longer.

How Do You Permanently Glue Fabric To Fabric

Here are the steps on how to permanently glue fabric to fabric:

Clean The Garment

When gluing fabric, the surface mustn’t be wet before applying, as this will reduce adhesiveness. Softening chemicals also lessen glue binding between surfaces, so avoid using them if possible!

remember to set off with a dry fabric
Always remember to set off with a dry fabric

Take Safety Precautions

Non-toxic and non-fuming? Sounds great! That means you don’t need to wear respirators, right? Wrong.

Whether or not the product is non-toxic, it’s still a chemical product, and therefore, always wear gloves and mask as they may be harmful if inhaled or ingested! It is always a good idea to use these items in an open location with excellent air circulation.


do a patch test first
Always do a patch test first

Even though the product would not stain your ordinary clothes, there is the possibility of ripples or a large area from spraying too much glue when applying on sensitive textiles like silk and linen! So, it’s always a good idea to run some tests first, just small patches here and there.

Level It Out

To eliminate the rippling appearance, smooth down the glued track with anything like cardboard before connecting fabric. After that, you should go through the process again!

Don’t Stretch

Fabric joining is an art that takes time to master. When connecting two pieces of cloth, avoid stretching either of them to avoid messy results; otherwise, your bond will suffer!

What Are the Tips For Using Permanent Fabric Glue?

High-quality glue, in addition to good fabric scissors and paint, is essential for every artisan. Here are some pointers to help you, whether you’re an expert or inexperienced user:

  • Always start your project with a clean piece of fabric
  • You will get more effect if you let the glue set for a few seconds before attaching anything, so give yourself enough time!
  • If there was way too much adhesive on your fabric, use acetone to remove it carefully.
  • A paint scraper is an excellent tool for removing glue from surfaces.
  • To safeguard your health, always use protective gear, such as gloves or a mask, as we indicated before.


How do you permanently glue fabric to fabric, again? By following our precise guidelines above!

There are certain rules that you should commit to when dealing with this kind of task. Remember to follow every step and carry it out one at a time to avoid wasting your time.