Does Hot Glue Work On Fabric, A Simple DIY Task

Today I’m going to talk about the question of “does hot glue work on fabric?”. I’m not a professional, but I’ve used this for craft projects and it seems like the answer is: sometimes. The best advice is to test it out before you actually need it and see if that fixes your problem!

Does Hot Glue Work On Fabric

Yes, it does. However, there are some points to keep in mind about your glue gun and stick type. With the right tool, you’ll be able to bond not only your fabric but also various other materials.

hot glue work on fabric

How To Use Hot Glue On Fabric?

With only three steps below, you can hot glue your fabric with ease!

Step 1: Choose The Right Hot Glue Gun

Though you can use any regular type, it’s best if you use a glue gun with low temperature when dealing with fabric.

High-temperature variants often heat up your glue to 383°F (or 195°C). Using low-temperature one often does not exceed 266°F (or 130°C). Still, it can adhere as nicely as regular ones.

What if sometimes you need your gun to do other jobs that require high heat glue? There’s come your savior! The Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun allows us to adjust the temperature.

Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun
Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Consider The Fabric

Besides the glue and gun type, it’s also the fabric that decides whether you can have a perfect result or not. In detail, some fabrics take on heat better. Let’s take a look!

Step 3: Apply The Hot Glue To The Fabric

After figuring out which tools to use and on which material, it’s time to join hands on this project.

First and foremost, place a thin hot glue line on your desired line upon the fabric. Then place the other piece of fabric on that line before it dries out (only if you’re gluing them together).

You can glue one part at a time if the surface is too big, as trying to do it at once might result in them not sticking together because some parts dry faster than the others.

Remember, don’t ever press the hot glue directly, only press the fabric. It’s not named hot glue for no reason! If you’re not gluing two pieces together, make use of some wood pieces or something hard enough.

It only takes minutes for the hot glue to completely harden, and there you go! Congratulations!

What Are The Additional Tips When Working A Hot Glue Gun On Fabric?

Don’t mess around with fabric and hot glue. It might cause damage to you or to your material. Here I have some tips for you to keep in mind.

  • Test one fabric piece before actually doing it.
  • The nozzle of your glue gun is often super hot, try avoiding contact with it, or it will burn you.
  • When gluing fabric to some sturdy material that resists temperature, apply the glue on that sturdy material first. Let the glue cool a little bit, then apply your fabric to it. Waiting too long would lead to a bad bond as your hot melt is already set!
Hot glue gun
Hot glue gun

Final Thoughts

Now tell me, does hot glue work on fabric? It is a fantastic tool for quick and easy repairs and DIY projects as long as you know how to use them safely! This blog post covered the basics of using hot glue guns with fabric and some additional tips that will help your project go smoothly. Now get out there and try it yourself!

I hope these pointers will help ensure your next sewing or craft project goes off without any problems.