Can I Use Fabric Glue Instead Of Sewing? – Simple Hack

Do you want to fix or make any project with sewing but do not have enough time? You probably ask yourself, “Can I use fabric glue instead of sewing?”.

So, is it possible to completely replace the sewing with fabric glue? This blog post will cover all basic knowledge of using fabric glue, including tips and tricks. Read on!

Can I Use Fabric Glue Instead Of Sewing

Can I Use Fabric Glue Instead Of Sewing?

Fabric glue is a fantastic alternative to sewing when you need your project done quickly and don’t have the patience for such an extensive process. You can simply do it by placing it on one side and sticking the glue with another piece of fabric.

If sewing is not an option, then this is the perfect alternative for when you’re in a rush and need your project done. Yet, you’ll still need to do some handiwork if you want a good-looking and durable project. With this product, it allows you to easily attach quilting fabrics without pins and make seams stronger than ever before. There are plenty of other uses for this all-around adhesive, too (like basting).

Besides, fabric glue is a fantastic way to add embellishments, such as appliques and rhinestones. It can also be used for holding shoes together or heavy materials! There are two types of fabric glue available, one only serves a short-term purpose, and the other can stay fixed for a long term on your clothes without worrying about them coming off!

When you need a quick fix, fabric glue is your go-to product. Indeed, it can be used in countless ways and saves a lot of time.

How To Use Fabric Glue Instead Of Sewing

How To Use Fabric Glue Without Sewing?

It’s easy to make patches for your favorite outfits using fabric glue. Simply attach a piece of fabric with the adhesive and then continue the work after they dry out.

If you are looking for a detailed guide on using this product properly, here are steps and tricks for you:

Step 1: You must be careful when gluing your fabric pieces because if the glue isn’t applied properly and doesn’t stick to both sides, it could result in a disaster.

Before starting any project like this one, ensure that every piece will stay attached without coming undone or falling apart during the process!

Step 2: When you set both above the other, pin them! It might take a few hours for the glue to dry.

Step 3: If you have trouble with the pins, just remove them and check to see if both pieces are fastened or not.

What are the tips to use fabric glue

What Are The Tips To Use Glue Effectively?

  • You must clean the intended spot that will be applied adhesive. If the dirt from outside gets on there and makes things dirty, then you won’t be able to strengthen that spot because of all the extra stuff getting in between those spots!
  • Be sure to attach the fabrics together without stretching them, as this will lead to stippling or ripples when the adhesive dries up. It’s important to ensure that no strain is present when moving material, and the surface must be as flat as possible!
  • Check if the glue is permanent or washable with chemicals or not before you put it in the washing machine. If not, utilize one that can keep your clothes stretchy so as not to damage its durability!

Final Thoughts

Can I use fabric glue instead of sewing? Yes, you can.

Indeed, fabric glue is a great alternative to sewing, especially for those who are new to handiwork. This type of glue is also stronger than pins or thread, so it can hold together anything from clothing with lots of seams to home décor projects like pillows.

Still, you must be mindful that some fabrics do not work well with fabric glue. Make sure to check before you start a project with fabric blue!